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Due to the recent licensing of NGNL by Yen Press, we have taken down all NGNL translation content on this site. Please support Yen Press when their official licensed version of the novel is released.

And please continue to support Eternal Dreamer, who has moved to translating Fate/Apocrypha.


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Volume 2 Chapter 2 Progress: 100% (Last Updated 08/30/14)

Note: No Game No Life has been licensed by Yen Press. As such, all further translation has been suspended.

Important News! Yen Press has licensed No Game No Life!

…Well, normally this is where I would announce the completion of chapter 2, but as you can see from the title, there is some more urgent news that needs to be addressed.

That’s right, Yen Press has just announced that they’ve licensed the light novel series No Game No Life for English publication in 2015, along with The Devil Is a Part-Timer! and Log Horizon. (You can read more on the article here: This is wonderful news in many ways, as it shows that more light novels are finally getting officially translated and published in North America and beyond, but as you might expect, this announcement changes things for this project here. Now that the series has been licensed, I’m afraid that I will be discontinuing the translation of No Game No Life. It’s actually somewhat funny, since I originally started working on No Game No Life when the last series I translated was also licensed by Yen Press. I have mixed feelings as I wonder whether this is going to turn into a pattern…

In any case, since it was almost done anyway, I’ve finished the last bit of chapter 2 of volume 2 and posted it here on the site, but I’ve decided not to continue any further. While there is still some time until the first volume of NGNL is published in North America, I don’t think it would be productive to try to translate any more of this series. I was already fighting an uphill battle with the preexisting translation on Baka-Tsuki, so this seems like a good chance to quit while I’m ahead and start focusing on my next project right away. I haven’t yet decided on what series I’ll be working on next, though, so I welcome any suggestions you readers may have so that I can get an idea of what to choose. (Of course, keep in mind that series with heavily explicit content aren’t allowed, due to NanoDesu Translations’ policy.) Here’s a quick guideline for possible suggestions:

(1) The series must be available in a Japanese bookstore or legally online (nothing super obscure).
(2) The series must not be rated 18+.

As for the translation of volume 1 and 2 that’s currently on the site, they’ll be left as is for the time being. However, they’ll be eventually removed as the publication date approaches, so be warned.

Though I’m ending this project prematurely, I still feel satisfied. Working on No Game No Life helped me fix and improve my translating skills, and I also have the pleasure of knowing that it will get a good official translation by Yen Press who have done reliable work in the past. I thank you all for following this translation until now, I hope you’ll all follow me on my next series as well. And of course, please buy the first volume when it comes out in 2015. It’s always good to show your support for the expansion of light novels beyond Japan’s borders.

-Eternal Dreamer

Volume 2, Chapter 1 Complete!

All right, the first chapter is finally done! Not much happened this time besides more introduction and exposition, though. The next chapter is where the real meat of the volume begins, where the two siblings finally begin the first steps of their world conquest. Look forward to it!

Also, no poll this time, since I’m saving up for a big one for the chapter two. Instead, here’s an image of the recently released Shiro figure for you dedicated lolicons fans.

Volume 1 PDF is available

NOTICE: Content Removed

Hi everyone! I’m really sorry for the delay (this time caused by personal “unforeseen circumstances”), but it’s finally here! The first volume of No Game No Life is finally available for download in PDF format! Enjoy!


– Whitesora

Volume 2, Opening Complete!

Sorry for the month-long wait for this, but now, the prologue of Volume 2 is finally complete! Honestly, there wasn’t anything in particular that led to this delay, more like a lot of different little things piled up and before I knew it so much time had already passed by. However, the good news is that regular updates are back now that I’m starting on Volume 2, so you can expect a lot more in the coming month.

And like always, here’s a poll for your trouble!

Volume 1 Complete!

And Volume 1 is finally done! It took a while, but the first hurdle is finished. Honestly, I was a bit unsure when I chose to do this project, since I’d translated more action-heavy LNs before this, but translating this volume has been so much fun that those doubts are long gone. And this is just the beginning of the long road ahead. Expect lots more updates over the summer! Also, the PDF/epub version will be put up after the last minor edits are completed, so you can expect them soon as well.

Also, as promised, here’s a poll to commemorate the completion of this volume.

Volume 1, Epilogue Complete!

At last, the epilogue is done! Huzzah! This last chapter was a real treat, as the interaction between Tet with the siblings is expanded much more here than in the anime. It really sets up the tension for how Sora and Shiro have a long road ahead before their next match with the playful god. All in all, a good end to a first volume. Still, it isn’t quite over yet, as there’s still the author’s afterword to be translated, though it shouldn’t take too long. No poll this time either since I’m saving it for when every last bit of volume 1 is done. Look forward to it!